Tuesday, October 20, 2009

When Divyanka won the Triumph Inspiration Award

When Divyanka Bedi won the Triumph Inspiration AwardDivyanka Bedi was declared the national winner of the Triumph Inspiration Award 2008. The Triumph Inspiration Award challenges students to interpret a design motto using all their talent, creativity and inspiration. It's a competition in conceptualizing and designing what we call a showpiece.

The Triumph Inspiration Award is divided into two stages: A national final and an international final. First, talented young creators have to compete at a national level. Their concepts & showpieces are made up against those of other students of their school and or other prestigious design schools. It's about coming up with the best concept, which is in line with the theme. The garment they design, needs to inspire and convince the panel.

Winning the national final will automatically qualify the student for the international final, where their inspirational creation will be presented to the international media and judged by a jury of internationally renowned experts from the fields of fashion, design and media. Raffles Design International, Mumbai's Fashion Design student Ms Divyanka Bedi has emerged from the contest as the National Champion. Divyanka represented Raffles at Beijing in July.

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